Student Roles and Responsibilities


Candidates/Students have a number of responsibilities. Candidates should accept that the degree requires them to work towards intellectual independence within a supportive supervisory environment.

As the University's senior students, candidates must demonstrate a high level of commitment and personal initiative. They should expect to take the lead in most matters pertaining to the project, adhering to the principle that theirs is the main responsibility for the conduct and progress of the research. Candidates should also ensure that they have acquainted themselves with the regulations and procedures governing the research programme, They must be prepared to "drive" the project and to raise matters of concern promptly, without waiting for others to do so for them.

The specific responsibilities of candidates are as follows:

  1. to commit adequate time and effort to the project
  2. to display initiative in identifying and resolving problems relating to the research
  3. to manage their work efficiently so as not to place unreasonable demands on supervisors
  4. to be well organized and capable of setting and meeting deadlines for various phases of the research
  5. to acquire any new skills required as part of the project
  6. to maintain frequent and regular contact with the supervisors
  7. to seek and accept in good faith advice from supervisors and advisory panels
  8. to fulfil tasks required by the supervisors as part of the project
  9. to produce self-review documents as part of the reporting process
  10. to meet the normal scholarly and professional standards required by their discipline
  11. to start writing their thesis as early as is practicable
  12. to ensure that all written work is of a high standard of expression and organization
  13. to present seminars where appropriate and participate in the academic, professional and social life of the department
  14. to attend and present papers at conferences and publish sections of the work where appropriate under the guidance of their supervisors

It is essential that candidates accept that, just as it is a requirement of supervisors to provide advice and criticism, it is necessary for them to listen when such advice and criticism are offered. Ideally, this should take the form of a constructive dialogue, but there will, inevitably, be times when this is the source of some tension. In cases where such dialogue is proving difficult or impossible, this must be addressed as soon as possible.