Program Structure

Full Time
Part Time

Elective Courses:

Elective courses are offered under 3 specialisations for students to voluntarily choose to endeavour the key energy sectors: 



Power Generation & Distribution

MDR 11103 Power Generation & Plant Design

MDR 11203 Power Transmission & Distribution Design

MDR 11303 Thermal Systems Operation & Design


MDS 11403 Powertrain Engineering

MDS 11503 Energy Recovery System in Transportation

MDS 11603 Fundamental of Combustion

Energy Management & Efficiency**

MDE 11703 Energy Measurement & Verification

MDE 11803 Energy Efficient Equipment

MDE 11903 Energy Audit in Building


Graduates in Energy Management & Efficiency specialisation will be certified as a Registered Electrical Energy Manager (REEM) by the Energy Commission Malaysia (ST).