Viva voce session is the final core attributes to be performed during research programme. It is the ultimate session that is a long-awaited by all research candidates. One needs to present his/her research overall findings through an Oral Examination session presented in front of the two panels of examiners (Internal and External) appointed from the respective academicians recommended by the supervisor with the consent from the Faculty’s Committee of Postgraduate Studies and the University’s Senate. The guidelines towards the commencement of the session are outlined as stated:


  1. Application for Viva voce (Oral examination) is accomplished by resubmitting the Application FORM of Pre-viva previously made to the Faculty’s Postgraduate office for checking and approval purposes. Some of the requirements before the submission are as follow: (PIC: Student).
  • The FORM should be filled up accordingly (Section 2 – 5 ONLY) by the previous panels of examiner during Pre-Viva session and certified by both examiners and supervisor. (PIC: Supervisor, Examiner)
  • The correction of the thesis* should be accomplished by the student and checked as well as approved by the supervisor before he/she delivers his/her consents for the student to undergo the Viva voce session. (PIC: Student, Supervisor)
          *Final draft of the thesis should be ready upon submission
  • The final draft of the thesis will be undergone a thorough final check by the Faculty’s Committee of Postgraduate Studies. (PIC: Secretariat)
  1. The Viva voce session will be applied to the Centre of Graduate Studies (CGS) by the Faculty’s Postgraduate office subjected to another additional requirements as follow: (PIC: Secretariat)
  • The Student is required to prepare THREE (3) copies of his/her final draft of the thesis (Ring bind)
  • Nomination of Panel of Examiners by supervisor via online (TCIS system**). (PIC: Supervisor)
  • Approval and Endorsement of the appointed Panel of Examiners by the Faculty’s Committee of Postgraduate Studies. (PIC: Secretariat)
  1. Notification of Approval will be issued to student, supervisor and examiners with the consent from University’s Senate c/w Nomination letter to Examiners. (PIC: CGS)
  2. Viva voce presentation will be conducted according to approved date, time and venue. CGS will notify student, supervisor and examiners by email or/and official letter. (PIC: CGS)
  3. Notification of Result and Improvement will be presented to student at the end of the Viva voce session and will be acknowledged to the supervisor via email. (PIC: CGS)
  4. Correction of the thesis is required according to the comments and time*** given by the examiners. The corrected thesis has to be resubmitted to the Examiner by hand/online via email for checking and clarification. (PIC: Student, Examiner)
                ***Time given may varies according to the result obtained during the Viva voce session
                ****Student is ONLY allowed for Graduation after successfully passed his/her Viva voce session and clearing off his/her outstanding fees with a  consent from the University’s Senate.

Infographic of Procedures


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