Student Progress Report (e-LKP)


Research Progress Report(e-LKP) is a continuous assessment of the progress of the research conducted in every semester. One needs to prepare and submit a progress report of his/her research via online (SMAP’s student account) to his/her supervisor for assessment. The guidelines towards the commencement of the assessment are outlined as stated:


1. Announcement of the opening and the schedule of submission of Research Progress (e-LKP) system. (PIC: CGS, Secretariat)

2. Login into the *(SMAP’s student account). (PIC: Student)

*User manual of e-LKP system for student

3. Prepare and submit the progress report through SMAP online according to the schedule* provided by the Centre of Graduate Studies (CGS), UTHM. (PIC: Student)

*Failure to submit the e-LKP report within the specified time will result in a termination of studies and a fine of RM 100.00 being imposed

4. Assessment of the progress of research via TCIS system** will be executed by supervisor according to the schedule provided. (PIC: Supervisor)

**User manual of e-LKP system for supervisor

5. Submission of marks to the SAS system by the Secretariat. (PIC: Secretariat)

6. Notification of Result of the research progress (e-LKP) by Centre of Academic Management (PPA) will be issued to student via SMAP’s student account. (PIC: PPA, Secretariat)

Infographic of Procedure


Research Progress Assessment Criteria

1. Part A: REPORT (80%)

A1: Aims (10%) – PLO 1 (C6) Knowledge & Understanding

A2: Objectives (10%)- PLO 2 (C6) Cognitive Skill

A3: Scopes (10%) – PLO 2 (C6) Cognitive Skill

A4: Literature Review (10%) - PLO 1 (C6) Knowledge & Understanding

A5: Methodology (10%) – PLO 3 (P6) Practical Skills

A6: Expected Findings (10%) - PLO 5 (A5) Communication Skill

A7: Research progress according to schedule (10%) – PLO4 (A5) Interpersonal Skill

A8: Ability to solve problems (10%) - PLO 3 (P6) Practical Skills

2. Part B: SOFT SKILL (20%)


B1: Commitment (2.5%) – PLO11 (A5) Ethics and Professionalism

B2: Integrity (2.5%) – PLO11 (A5) Ethics and Professionalism

B3: Interest/Discipline (2.5%) – PLO11 (A5) Ethics and Professionalism

B4: Work quality and efficiency (2.5%) – PLO4 (A5) Interpersonal Skill

B5: Ability to work independently (2.5%) - PLO4 (A5) Interpersonal Skill

B6: Attendance (2.5%) – PLO11 (A5) Ethics and Professionalism

B7: Writing skills (2.5%) – PLO 5 (A5) Communication Skill

B8: Communication skills (2.5%) – PLO 5 (A5) Communication Skill


The assessment criteria of the Research Progress (e-LKP) could be obtained by contacting directly the Postgraduate (PG) Research Panel/Secretariat. ​Student should score a minimum of 65% and above marks (passing marks) to obtain a minimum of "Satisfactory" grade in order to progress into the next semester of the research programme. If student’s mark is below 65%, he/she is required to submit again the improved report with a consent from his/her supervisor which a new mark will be endorsed to enable the student to progress into the next semester of his/her research programme accordingly.

Inquiries & Further Information

Contact Person:

Mr. Rosmaidi Bin Shahal, 
Administration Staf